ViscMatic 1050

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The fastest and easiest way to test your pulp samples.

WeSolve AB/PROAC AB and LabService AB have collaborated in the development of the third generation of VISCOMAT, now named ViscMatic 1050.

ViscMatic 1050 is now fully automatic after the pulp sample has been arcaded. ViscMatic 1050 can run 10 pulp sample tests in series at once, you add up to 10 pulp samples into different test chambers and then you only have to assign each chamber with the pulp weight. Either you do the weighing with your existing balance, or you can have the ViscMatic 1050 with the optional integrated lab balance.

Here after the ViscMatic 1050 is fully automatic. It doses the correct amount of water and CED solutions to the test chambers and it dissolve the pulp samples. Thanks to our new dissolving technology, stirrlonic, even the toughest pulp samples will be dissolved for testing within 10 minutes.

Measurements is made by using a glass capillary according to the ISO 5351 standard. The test chambers is then automatic emptied and rinsed before any subsequent measurements.

The lab technician never has to be exposed to the CED solution during the measurement process.

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ViscMatic 1050

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